Friday, March 22, 2013

Appetite for Idaho Favorites List

If I like an eatery, I'll write about it.
If I don't, I won't.
That simple.

I don't like them all. About a third of the food I've tried doesn't do it for me, and that's okay, it might do it for someone else. I figure the inferiors will weed themselves out, while I'm steering you towards the good stuff.

Before trying a place, I avoid food reviews and ignore anything negative I've heard. I want to discover a potential new favorite for myself, and like it for my own reasons. My advice: 'Own your own palate.'

That said, if you want to know what the Appetite for Idaho gal likes, here is my ever-growing list of faves:

Aguillila Taco Truck –Nampa in front of Commercial Tire
Backstage Bistro- The Village at Meridian
Big City Coffee-Boise
Blazen Burgers- Nampa (for their real ice cream shakes, only $1 after 8pm)
Bleubird Cafe-Boise
Blue Sky Café-Nampa
Buffalo Gal-Donnelly
Café de Coco-Nampa
Cafe Vicino-Boise
Chapala on 12th Avenue in Nampa
Egg Factory-Nampa
Flatbread Neopolitan Pizzeria-Meridian, downtown Boise, Bown Crossing
Guido’s New York Style Pizza-downtown Boise
Sa-Wa-Dee –Meridian
Saint Lawrence Gridiron-Boise/Treasure Valley area
Sino Buffet-Nampa
Superb Sushi -downtown Boise
The Sushi Bar McCall
Taj Mahal-Boise
The Chocolat Bar-Boise (because I could make a meal out of their candies!)
The Orchard House-Marsing

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